derako in leaf review smallIn the summer edition of Leaf Review, a European Platform charting the best ideas and developments in the architectural industry, an article appeared about the sustainability and possibilities of solid wood. Sita Vleer, the marketing manager of Derako, discusses the advantages of solid wood systems in the interview, further illustrating the design and support possibilities of Derako.


Derako Cradle to Cradle SilverDerako, producer and supplier of solid wood systems for ceilings, walls and façades, has obtained the Cradle to Cradle Silver certificate for all products. This is a new milestone for the organisation, which has been highly active in the field of sustainable enterprise since 2013. After obtaining the Cradle to Cradle Basic certification, Derako took the next step and has since satisfied all the requirements for the Silver certification. Partly as a result of this, the solid wood systems can now make a substantial contribution to obtaining certification marks for sustainable construction such as BREEAM and LEED.


chateau st estate a pavilionOn the Chateau St. estate a pavilion with a very special role and appearance has been built. The pavilion stands in between two historic buildings and with its natural design it has the requisite connection with its environment. Various rooms in the pavilion, including the warmly and classically furnished entrance hall, have been fitted with solid wood Derako grill ceilings. Château St. Gerlach is an estate near Maastricht, in the centre of the undulating Limburg countryside: a unique complex with a luxury hotel, restaurant and spa. Mecanoo architects designed a pavilion that connects the historic buildings, including the Château (1661), the St. Gerlachus church (1727) and the farmhouse with it's inner courtyard (1668).


alliantie derakoHousing association 'Alliantie' totally renovated and transformed their offices into a very amenable building with more light and transparency. Various spaces and working areas were fitted with Derako solid wood grill walls, which not only ensured a warm atmosphere but also better acoustics.


derako plafond systeemTo further highlight the products and the company, Derako has a collaboration with Leaf Review, a renowned portal and magazine, which provides and shares information among leading architects, planners and contractors in Europe. The Leaf Review magazine and the website ( express opinions, ideas and philosophies of Europe's foremost architects and construction engineers. They offer a mix of inspirational articles, case studies, exclusive interviews and company profiles.


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