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The brand new product guide from Hunter Douglas Architectural is here! This comprehensive guide consists of a whopping 362 pages and provides a fully up-to-date overview of our product range and the latest innovations.


Derako Solid Wood

We have divided our wooden range into two versions: BaseLine and ProLine, just like Derako has already done in their product presentation on the website.


More distinction - with three product brands

With the release of the guide, three product brands are also introduced. These are designed with new logos. One of these brands is Derako (see page 5 via the link below). Under the Hunter Douglas organization, Derako® is now known as the brand for all wood solutions. Additionally, there is Luxalon®, which represents the complete range of metal-based suspended ceilings. And then there is HeartFelt®, with felt as the base material, allowing for unique and creative designs just like with Derako® systems.


Check out the new Product Guide 2024|2026


Would you like to receive a hard copy of the Product Guide?

You can contact our sales team via the contact page.


Do you want to learn more about the different products?

• Visit the Hunter Douglas Architectural website for more information about metal, wood, and felt products.
• For information about Derako® solid wood products, you can directly contact our advisors. If desired, they will gladly send you a sample.