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Wooden ceiling

The application of a wooden ceiling adds value to any space. They can be used in both renovation and newbuild projects. Wooden ceiling cladding offers many advantages for improving the interior climate. It adds a warm, characteristic and comfortable atmosphere. In addition, wooden ceilings are very sustainable, adding minimal environmental footprint, and locking in CO2 for a long period of time. Wood, as a raw material, also has a very positive impact on human health. A wooden ceiling can be easily combined with other materials, such as concrete, glass, and metal as part of the same project.

Custom wooden ceiling

As an industrial manufacturer and supplier, Derako Solid Wood Systems has been working with solid wood as a resource for more than 30 years. All of our systems are manufactured as a design ceiling to specification for individual projects. From raw material to client-specific end product. We manage the entire process from our own manufacturing location. Thanks to many years of experience in the use of solid wood systems, we are able to offer sound advice and solutions.


Variations with wooden ceilings

There are many wooden ceiling variations available. The Derako range offers a wide selection of solid wood types, veneer finishes, system types, dimensions and varnish finishes for the appearance of your ceiling. The invisible installation system ensures a quick and easy installation. Discover the possibilities of our eight product lines for yourself.

Grill & Linear ceiling system

The Derako wooden ceiling systems are available in the Grill and Linear versions.
Each system can be supplied in four variations; from a cost-efficient, standard panel solution to a fully customised solution for the most exclusive shapes.

Acoustic wooden ceiling

Acoustics are very important for the way people perceive a space. At Derako, we understand that. A space with good acoustic balance improves health, productivity, concentration, learning performance, communication and safety.


Through their shape, processing and the characteristics, the Derako ceilings have a soundproofing effect. Extra attenuation can be achieved by placing a sound-absorbing (sheet) material behind the systems. For this, you can order the Derako Eco Silent Panel. This extra attenuation provides an enjoyable environment and offers added value, especially in buildings where many people come together, and noise reverberation might occur. Please ask our advisors about the reports and the possibilities for your specific project.

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Curved wooden ceiling

Flowing and dynamic wooden ceiling designs add an extra dimension and grandeur to the space. The Derako invisible installation systems are very suitable for concave, convex or flowing wooden ceiling finishes. The minimum and maximum radius differs per application and wood type. Our technical department will examine the possibilities and work everything out in an installation plan. As such, all profiles are produced prefab and delivered in the right radii.

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Inspiration wooden ceilings

All over the world, many beautiful wooden ceiling designs have already been realised. Be inspired by these beautiful projects. From design to realisation, Derako is happy assist you every step of the way.