Looking for something completely different when it comes to decorating your ceiling? If you are looking for options for decorating your ceiling that come under the heading design ceiling, then you have found the perfect solution, namely the Derako solid wood ceiling system.


Design ceiling made of solid wooddesign ceiling

The Derako linear and grill ceiling systems are made of solid wood and can actually both be regarded as a design ceiling. In the design of the ceiling, you can choose from various types of wood. The distance between the slats and the slat width can be varied. With Derako, you can give your ceiling the very look you want.


Design ceiling with an exclusive look

Both the linear system grill system crafted from solid wood, are ideal for use in curved or arched form. The creativity of the architect is the guiding principle here and the Derako system is not a limiting factor. This allows you to give your building an exclusive, warm look. As with a flat ceiling application, the unique supporting system comes completely prefabricated and the rails are curved and fixed in the desired radius.


More information on the design ceilings

We would be delighted to personally provide you with information on our options for integrating a design ceiling into your design and you can of course also have a look at our menu item projects on this website to get some inspiration. Here you will find a host of different examples of ceiling designs used in small and large projects at home and abroad.


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