The Derako louvered ceiling system is a solid wood ceiling system with a hidden fastening. In the Derako linear ceiling, the wooden slats are clicked with clips to a specially developed carrier system. This makes the assembly simple and clear cut. The louvered ceiling is suspended from the existing structural ceiling using quick hangers or nonius hangers.


Slats of the louvered ceilinglinear ceiling

In the louvered open system, there is a joint between the wooden slats. This joint can be covered with acoustic non woven tissue, making the ceiling ideally suited for use as an acoustic ceiling. Black is the standard colour, but white and grey are available as options. The non woven tissue is attached to the top of the slats and the result is that the side of the slat remains fully visible. The linear ceiling is also available as a linear closed ceiling, with each solid wooden slat overlapping the next. This gives you a fully solid wooden look, which however is less suited to rooms with acoustic requirements.


Construction and assembly

In the louvered ceiling, the clips are pre-fitted on the rails in the factory and Derako delivers the solid wood slats and the carrier system including clamping tool to the building site.


More information on the llouvered ceiling

Under the menu-item products, you will find more information on the linear open and closed system. If you still have questions, then contact us and we will be delighted to provide you with more help. You can also request a sample of a segment of a solid wood linear ceiling and of course on the type of wood you want.


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