If you are looking for a practical but stylish system for ceiling renovation, then Derako, with its solid wooden ceiling systems, has the solutions. The systems are particularly suitable for projects in non-residential building and create a natural and certainly modern look in rooms in an office building, shopping centre, swimming pool or town hall.


Renovation with solid wood ceiling systemceiling renovation

Both the Derako linear and grill system are suitable for project-based ceiling renovation projects. The systems for the ceiling come in different wood species and slat widths. The slats can be fitted at different distances and as a result you can give the ceiling a totally unique, contemporary look.


Ceiling renovation – easy to fit and dismantle

Assembly of Derako systems in an existing room is simple with the entire system being delivered prefab. The solid wooden ceiling system is assembled with quick hangers or nonius hangers. You do not have to replace or fully repair the old ceiling. The slats or grill panels of the Derako system can easily be removed at all times, for example to access the technical installations under the ceiling.


Renovation of curved ceilings

In the ceiling renovation of curved or arched ceilings, the Derako linear or grill system can be adjusted to the shape of the ceiling. The rails of the system are curved into the desired radius and fixed. In the grill system, flexible dowels are used so that the grill panels can be simply curved to the shape of the rails.


Advice on ceiling renovation

Staff at Derako will be delighted to help you with advice. At Derako we have a lot of experience with project-based ceiling renovation projects. Call one of our staff or get in touch with us via the contact form on our website. If you want to see an example of ceiling renovation, please select the following link; Erasmus C building, Rotterdam. Derako also offers solution for wall renovation. Wall renovation is done with a Derako solid wood double wall.


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