An exterior ceiling which through its manufacture of wood, blends perfectly into a natural environment but by its shape gives a contemporary look to a building, really must be an exterior ceiling by Derako.


An exterior ceiling made of wood gives a building a warm and natural look. It makes a connection with the surroundings possible or it gives more warmth and character to a building in an industrial or heavily built-up concrete environment.


Solid wood exterior ceiling under a canopyexterior ceiling

The unique Derako solid wood ceiling systems are available in a linear and grill finish. Both systems are suitable for use outside under a canopy. There are various options available regarding the species of wood to be used, the method of installation, width of the wooden louvers / slats and the distance between them. In the linear open and multi-panel system, the non woven tissue in the ceiling system is replaced with a hard spring in outside applications.


Finish wooden ceiling for outdoor applications

To create a highly durable - outdoor – exterior ceiling, the wooden louvers and slats used at Derako are fully treated. Finishing is done with a non film-forming varnish that penetrates deep into the wood. In addition to a standard transparent varnish, there is also a large range of varnish colours available. The finish adds a nice touch to the wood with the natural tones and structures in the wood being maintained.


The wooden louvers and slats are fitted without any screws or nails. As a result, the wood is not damaged and this prevents any corrosion marks.


Derako exterior ceiling

But it is not just the look and potential applications that make Derako ceilings so unique, they are also very easy to fit, high-quality, durable and meet the European fire resistance requirements.


If you wish to know more about the Derako exterior ceiling, have a look at the menu-item products under ceiling systems.


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