If you are looking for a curved ceiling with a natural look, then Derako, with the curved linear or grill wooden ceiling system has the solution. As with flat ceiling applications, the unique supporting system comes completely prefabricated. The rails are curved and fixed in the desired radius and they can be fitted with quick hangers or nonius hangers. In the curved grill system, flexible dowels are used, allowing the panels to be curved easily to the shape of the rails.


Designing the curved wooden ceilingcurved ceiling

Derako ceiling systems come in solid wood, giving the room a natural look. It is the method of fitting that creates the modern, contemporary look. Both the solid wood linear and grill system are excellently suited for use in curved or arched form. Here the creativity of the architect and/or designer is the guiding principle and the Derako system offers extremely unique, surprising opportunities.


Finishing the curved ceiling

The curved ceiling systems come in various types of wood and slat widths. Alongside the different types of wood, the slats can also be fitted at different distances, and so you can give a ceiling a completely unique look. The slats can be given a clear coat of varnish to protect the wood against moisture, dust and dirt. In addition to the standard transparent varnish, there is also a large range of colours available.


Advice on curved ceilings

We would be delighted to advise you personally on the options for your solid wooden ceiling. Get in touch with us via the contact form on our website or call us on +31 224 59 23 40. More information is available on wooden curved ceilings on the Derako website under the menu-item products and ceiling systems.


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