Wooden grid ceilings

Solid wood grid ceiling

Grid ceilings are very suitable for interior designs with an open style where a light construction is desired. By applying wooden grid ceilings, you can easily create depth and warmth with a natural atmosphere. Each ceiling has its own unique character. With the flexibility of the Derako systems, you have complete design freedom to determine the appearance of your grid ceiling.

Advantages of wooden grid ceiling

  • Open structure and depth
  • Solid wood, special material with unique advantages; CO2-neutral, circular, healthy and authentic
  • Exclusive appearance
  • Custom work designed by our technical support department
  • High acoustic value
  • Good access to technical installations in the plenum
  • Ideal for combining with climate control systems
  • Ideal in combination with lighting or sound systems
  • Low maintenance and certified system

Grid ceiling in Grill style

The grid ceiling in the Grill style is available in four versions. From standard panels to special ceiling shapes and effects.

With Veneered wood, you can also add natural wood veneer to the design.

Ceiling grill Pro-line

Grill Pro-line

  • Tailor-made
  • Straight, curved and carrier systems in variable sizes
  • Wide range of sizes and finishes
  • Solid wood; 20 types of wood
  • Applicable indoors and outdoors
  • Project support with detailed drawing plan
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Ceiling grill Exclusive-line

Grill Exclusive-line

  • Special ceiling shapes and effects
  • CNC milled panels, variable sizes and fan panels
  • Solid wood; 8 types of wood
  • Applicable indoors and outdoors
  • Engineering and project support
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Ceiling Grill Base-line

Grill Base-line

  • Cost effective standardised panel solution
  • Fixed measurements and 3 panel sizes
  • Solid wood: 4 types of wood
  • Order per panel via order form
  • Economical an quick to produce
  • Applicable for smaller projects
  • Optional detailed drawing plan and project support possible
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Ceiling Grill Veneered wood

Grill Veneered wood

  • Natural wood veneer
  • Several sizes
  • Wide range of veneer finishes
  • Greater form stability and suitable for larger sizes
  • Cost effective alternative for luxury wood types
  • Tailor-made solutions, engineering and project support
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Support construction Grill grid ceiling

The Grill grid ceiling consists of solid wood or veneered wood components. These are connected together using aluminium dowels. The Grill ceiling gives the space an elegant appearance. You have the choice of a wide selection of wood times, slat dimensions and slat distances. The support construction consists of the black Derako Cross-Lock system and special dowel clip. Which make it easy to install the panels onto the support system. This allows for lighting fixtures, acoustic materials, ventilation gaps or speakers to be installed seamlessly above the ceiling.

Why wood?

Building with wood is very ecologically responsible. It is a beautiful construction material. It is sustainable, creates a minimal environmental impact, it stores CO2 for a very long time and has many pleasant characteristics for the user. Bring nature inside.


Derako offers you a wide selection of wood types. From the lightest and cheapest wood type to the darkest and most expensive wood types.


All Derako ceiling systems are completely circular. Our products also comply with applicable fire-safety requirements.

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Installation and support

All wooden Grill grid ceiling systems are easy and quick to install. In collaboration with architects and installation partners, many projects all over the world have already been realised.


Derako offers support throughout the entire project, from design through to installation. We contribute solutions to your design challenges, the integration with building systems, logistical questions and offer ideas to realise your unique wishes. Moreover, we always provide technical support and planning throughout the entire project.

Quality grid ceiling

Environment and quality are of great importance at Derako. We buy first-class quality solid wood from renowned wood partners. This means we can be certain that we are contributing to sustainable forest management. The entire production process is under our own management, and we select the very best components. This helps Derako to ensure the quality of your grid ceiling.


Thanks to special treatments, the grid ceilings are also suitable for application in humid spaces, including swimming pools, for example.

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Inspiration for grid ceilings

Curious about the possibilities of our grid ceilings? Then we will be happy to provide further assistance. We can provide samples, BIM files, documentation and quotes. From design to realisation, Derako can assist you every step of the way. The projects below are just a small selection of the many beautiful applications. Take inspiration from our testimonials.