A solid wood bamboo ceiling is very sustainable, contributes to BREEAM and LEED accreditation and above all is just very beautiful. The Derako MOSO bamboo ceiling is available in four bamboo colours and can be implemented as a grill and linear panel system. The ceilings meet the European fire resistance requirements.

Bamboe plafondDerako MOSO bamboo ceilings

The Derako bamboo MOSO ceilings are unique in their kind and combine the innovative Derako system with the sustainable and high quality MOSO bamboo slats. By using Moso Bamboo X-treme within the Derako ceiling, it is now also possible to use solid bamboo without nailing, screwing or drilling. The ceilings are easy to assemble and need no maintenance from a technical point of view.

Bamboo, the new sustainable material

Bamboo is very sustainable and certainly just as durable as tropical hardwood. Did you know that the Moso (Maozhu) bamboo, that is used in the Derako MOSO system, is the fastest growing plant in the world? Within a few months the bamboo stems reach a height of up to 20 meters. Because of the high growth rate the bamboo plant absorbs a large quantity of CO2 during growth and after 4 or 5 years the bamboo stem turns into wood and then gets its final characteristics. These characteristics with regard to hardness and stability are very similar to those of hardwood.

The growth rate is in stark contrast to that of various hardwoods, which often take more than fifty years before they are ready to be chopped down and therefore are also becoming scarcer and more expensive. Above all the continuous deforestation in the tropical rain forests is having a significantly negative influence on the biodiversity and the worldwide greenhouse effect. Among other things, because of the enormous growth rate of the giant bamboo species Moso, it forms a CO2 neutral alternative to tropical hardwood.

Bamboo ceiling types

The solid bamboo Derako MOSO ceiling is available in several versions, including an open and closed linear system, a multi panel linear system and a grill system. Most system versions are also suitable for use as exterior ceilings.

Curved bamboo ceiling

The Derako MOSO bamboo ceiling is uniquely suited, both in the linear and grill version, to use in curved or arched shapes. Here the creativity of the architect is the guiding principle. The rails are curved and fixed in the desired radius and then fitted either with quick or nonius hangers. Just as with the flat bamboo ceiling, the unique supporting system comes completely prefabricated.


Bamboo exterior ceiling

A bamboo exterior ceiling gives a building a warm and natural look. The Derako MOSO bamboo ceiling is suitable for implementation outdoors under a canopy, whilst the bamboo DT version can be exposed to all weather conditions. In the linear open and multi-panel system, the non woven tissue in the ceiling system is replaced with a hard spring for outside applications.

More information on the bamboo ceiling

For more information about the solid bamboo ceilings please contact Derako. Under the menu-item 'types of wood' you can find more information about the available bamboo varieties and colours. On the following pages you will find information about; Bamboo walls, Exterior ceilingWood design ceilingExternal wood claddingSustainable cladding and Sustainable wall cladding.