Unique appearance for every ceiling

Solid and veneered wood ceiling systems

Combine the power of wood with our innovative suspension system

Derako ceiling systems let your design shine thanks to the unique fastening system. The wood is installed invisibly via a special connection. Years of experience in our own production environment have allowed us to develop practical systems. With a view to producing sustainable, environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing ceilings, Derako uses solid and veneered wood for all systems.

Grill & Linear ceiling system

The wooden ceiling system is available in two main systems; Grill and Linear. In the Linear system, the wooden parts are incorporated level with the system. With its standing wooden parts, the Grill system offers a depth effect in your ceiling. Both are available in four versions. From a cost-efficient, standard solution to fully custom-made ceilings in the most exclusive shapes.

Custom-made projects

Derako works on a project basis. We manage the entire process, from resource to client-specific end product. Your ceiling design and idea are our starting point. We’re happy to think along with you. Our expertise stems from many years of experience in the use of solid wood systems, enabling use to offer sound advice and solutions.

Responsible product

Building with wood is very ecologically responsible. It is a beautiful construction material. It is sustainable, creates a minimal environmental impact, it stores CO2 for a very long time and has many pleasant characteristics for the user. All Derako ceiling systems are completely circular. Our products also comply with applicable fire-safety requirements.

What may you expect from Derako?

  • Wide range of products, for every budget and design
  • Wood is a special material with unique advantages; CO2-neutral, circular, healthy and authentic
  • Service, technical support and solid advice
  • Exclusive appearance and improvement of acoustics
  • Guarantee on suspension systems, wood, finish and fire retardancy
  • Innovative suspension system with easy installation
  • Products and systems with C2C Silver, FSC, PEFC, BREEAM and LEED certification