If you are looking for a system ceiling, Derako International BV from ´t Zand can offer you a choice of different, high-quality and durable options.


Suspended system ceilingsystem ceiling

The Derako linear suspended system ceiling consisting of solid wood slats, fastened invisibly to a ceiling rail. The rails are suspended with quick hangers or nonius hangers, creating a suspended system ceiling. With the choice of type of wood, slat width and distance between the slats, you can gear the look of the ceiling entirely to your wishes.


At Derako, we work exclusively on a project basis, where the architect’s design idea is always the guiding principle. Through years of collaboration with architects both nationally and internationally and with our knowledge, we can provide sound advice and solutions for a suspended system ceiling.


System ceiling of solid wood

All system ceilings by Derako are made from solid wood and there is a wide range of types of wood. The Derako system ceiling can thus be supplied with a grill or linear design in oak, pine, ayous, American yellow poplar, Siberian larch, WRC or ash wood.


Wooden system ceiling

The wooden grill system ceiling consists of solid wooden slats secured to each other with aluminium or flexible dowels. These assembled slats form the grill panel, which can be produced in various lengths. This is determined by the structural conditions and ultimately decided by mutual agreement. The grill panels are seamlessly fitted into one another with a half-lap dowel joint, which produces the visual effect of a single uninterrupted system ceiling.


Both systems can also be fitted in a slightly arched or curved shape instead of straight. See our website for more details on the options for a system ceiling. You will see that the Derako systems are exactly what you are looking for.


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