Inspired by nature and naturally inspiring


Your creativity and ideas are our starting point. Derako only works project-based and all systems are tailor-made architectural solutions with budgetary flexibility. Due to the amount of design freedom, the systems naturally not only lead to a lot of inspiration, but also brings nature closer to people's environment. Derako provides full support, from orientation to the final installation, and works from a sustainable and quality-oriented mindset. Derako is Cradle to Cradle, FSC®, PEFC, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and therefore meet all the criteria the authorities impose for "Sustainable Purchasing".



Environmentally Responsible

As a building material wood is very environmentally friendly, virtually 100% CO2 neutral and like all the metal parts completely recyclable.

Technical support

Tailor made with full support during the entire process, such as; during the orientation, engineering, design, logistic and implementation phases.

High quality

Processing first class quality solid wood and very high quality finishing systems in certified and controlled production areas.

Great design freedom

The systems offer the designer great freedom. Among other things with variable wood sizes, curved, arched or CNC shapes.

Choice of many types of wood

There is a large selection of wood available. Derako also delivers bamboo and preserved wood, which offers a responsible alternative to tropical hard wood.

Responsible product

Derako constructs and works according to the Cradle to Cradle® principle. Derako is also FSC® and PEFC certified.

High acoustic values

The solid wooden wall and ceiling systems have a positive effect on the acoustics of a location.


Derako provides an integral guarantee for carrier systems, wood, finish and fire retardation.

Fire retardant

Fire resistance is an important aspect for the application of wood. The DERAKO systems are treated, where necessary, and conform to the European standard.

Budget flexible

Because of the various types of wood and systems, within various price categories, there is budgetary flexibility.

Invisible mounting

With the Derako systems, the fastening of the wood is totally hidden and can be found on the rear of the slats.

Experiential & practical value

Values of experience are important aspects. Wood does not only provide better acoustics but also creates a good atmosphere and a feeling of well-being.