Acoustic ceiling or wall

The acoustics have a great influence on the way people experience and value a building. An acoustic ceiling or wall can offer a solution. Derako solid wooden ceiling and wall systems have very good properties in the area of acoustics and noise reduction.

Wood is naturally a good noise reducer

Wood has, besides a natural insulating and moisture regulating capacity, also very good sound insulation characteristics.

Extra acoustic options

optimal acousticsWhen applying the Derako linear open system, the spaces between the slats are covered with an acoustic non woven tissue, which strengthens the sound insulation even further. This version can also be used in curved or arched contours. The combination of two types of solid wood linear systems ensures even better balanced acoustics. This makes it ideal for use in theatres and auditoriums. The wooden grill system has an open structure with the necessary space between the individual slats of the panels. By fitting special sound insulating plates behind the grill panels, or by using firet cloth, a ceiling or wall with particularly good acoustic properties can be created.

Optimal acoustics

The optimal acoustics for a room depend to a large extent on the use of the room. So for example the requirements for an office differ from those for a theatre or an airport terminal. Here you can read more about concepts such as reverberation time and speech intelligibility in relation to solid wooden acoustic walls and ceilings.