About derako

Who are we?

As an industrial producer and supplier of solid wood systems we are continuously working to increase the application possibilities of sustainable materials in the building industry. Because of innovation and years of experience, both nationally and internationally, Derako supplies practical, applicable , but especially stylish and sustainable coverings for ceilings and walls.


Our work method

Your creativity and design concept is our starting point. Derako only works on a project basis and all systems are made to measure architect solutions with budgetary flexibility. We offer support during the design and engineering phase and supply, where necessary, suitable solutions. We at Derako assist you in thinking about the design challenges, the integration with the building systems and logistical questions. We also offer ideas for the realisation of your unique requirements. In addition, Derako always fully supports and develops each project technically, which among other things results in detailed layout plans and technical information. At Derako each project deserves its own appearance. Because of many years of cooperation with architects, both nationally and internationally, and the available knowledge of application in combination with wood varieties, we can offer sound advice and solutions. You will find more information under the menu item ´Visitor type´


Our values

Inspired by nature and naturally inspiring...

Nature is at the basis of all Derako products. With our systems you do not only create an environmentally friendly and sustainable building decoration, but also bring nature closer to people's living environment. By using solid wood you give a building a warm and inviting appearance. An appearance that naturally makes people feel good, socialise and develop new ideas.

Corporate Responsibility

For Derako corporate responsibility means doing business with respect for people and the environment. The organisation acts on the basis of this thinking and in accordance with the circular economy based Cradle to Cradle®-principle. In light of the growing world population and increasing consumption per capita, a transition to a circular economy is the only is sustainable way forward.


Investments in durability

In addition to investments in materials and production processes, Derako also invests in the field of various certificates and eco-labels, and the company meets the criteria that the government sets for sustainable buying. For part of the production process we cooperate with an 'apprentice' company, who are specialised in work development for people with difficulties entering the labour market. Work is for these people the most important re-integration medium. Derako is also an Oxfam Novib ambassador. Together we support local development projects and ensure that people in developing countries can provide for their own income.oxfam_novib

Value added products

The solid wood Derako systems have been used by various architects both at home and abroad. Solid wood is particularly valuable in buildings where perception and user value are considered very important. Examples are: universities, schools, swimming baths, theatres, shopping centres, offices, hospitals, churches and town halls. View projects for many application possibilities that could possibly be an inspiration.

Integral guarantee

Derako works exclusively with high quality solid wood and finishing systems. For all our systems we offer an integral guarantee on carrier systems, wood, finishes and fire retardation. Wood will always be a natural product with its own characteristics and tolerances. These are not shortcomings and/or defects, indeed under the influence of changing relative humidity timber can really start working.