Quality solid wood

Derako only works with first class quality solid wood, preserved wood and bamboo. On receipt the wood is subject to a stringent inspection and only the best slats are used for the systems.

The wood´s finish

Derako uses high quality varnishes that are also very suitable for outside use. The wood is fully treated in the factory and therefore the solid wooden core is totally protected against damp, dust and dirt.

profiles and clipsSystems with a long life

The ceiling, wall and façade systems are designed to have a long life. The metal profiles and clips used are not only very well built but also produced with very high precision and therefore ensure correct placement time and time again.

Weather and wind resistant for outside use

The entire construction of the façade system is, because of the unique profile-clip connections, resistant to extreme weather conditions whereby the slats remain demountable. This is very practical if maintenance of the façade is necessary.

Quality management system according to ISO 9001

Derako is an ISO 9001 certified organisation. Quality management plays an important role in our business.