Curved or arched shapes

Both the linear and grill system crafted from solid wood, are ideal for use in a curved or arched form. The architect's creativity is the guiding principle here and the DERAKO system is not a limiting factor. This allows you to give your building an exclusive look. As with a flat ceiling application, the unique carrier system comes completely prefabricated. The carriers are shaped and remain in the required radius.


cnc panels

Grill, linear or multi-panel systems offer many possibilities

The wide range of wood types, system types, sizes and finishes create a range of options for the appearance of the ceiling or wall. For indoor applications there is a basic choice from the grill or linear system, the latter is also available as a multi-panel design. Wooden slats of various widths and thickness are combined within one system and this results in a unique design.

CNC panels and fan panels

The CNC produced solid wooden panels include curved slats, which are exactly suited to the building design. With this, unique corner finishes, curved ceilings and walls can be realised. Fan panels can be used for pointed or radial ceilings.