In the design of a building the way people experience and value it are important aspects. Experience is about emotions, the feeling that people have when they stay in a building or space. User values are purely functional aspects that for example relate to the indoor climate and the acoustics. 

Experiential & practical valueMaximum experience with wood

With its authentic characteristics and appearance, wood is suitable for every building interior or exterior, because it naturally moves people to feel comfortable. Wood creates an atmosphere of warmth and well-being. Because of the wide choice of timber, system types, sizes and finishes, there are plenty of possibilities to create a unique atmosphere with the Derako ceiling or wall system. This can create a warm, modern, designer or classical setting. In addition, wood can easily be combined with other materials such as concrete, glass or metal.

Better indoor climate

Other benefits of wooden ceilings and walls are found in an improvement of the indoor climate. Wood has a low heat conductivity, which results in a room heating up or cooling down more gradually. This also keeps the temperature difference between the wooden walls and the surrounding area limited.

Very low emission materials

Derako wants to be sure that all products have a lasting positive influence on human health and the environment. A lot of thought is given to the system- and finishing materials. For example the Derako solid wood system has a very low emission and is A+ certified.

Better acoustics

Because of the high acoustic values the systems are very often used in public places, office buildings and public facilities. The wood used and the materials attached to the system, improve the acoustics and create an environment in which the experience comes directly and indirectly better into its own. Here, please read more about better acoustics with wooden ceilings and walls.