Integral guarantee

We only work with high quality solid wood and finishing systems. For all its systems DERAKO provides an integral guarantee on carrier systems, wood, finish and fire retardation.

SLR carrier systemsCarrier system

The SLR carrier systems for wall assembly have been made from high quality aluminium and stainless steel. The ceiling systems consist of galvanised profiles, which are the carriers for the solid wooden ceiling finish. For linear systems the slats are linked to the carriers with stainless steel clips and for the grill system the panels are linked with dowel clips. The ceiling system hangers are generally supplied by third parties and not covered by the guarantee.


Derako only works with first class quality solid wood, preserved wood and bamboo. Upon receipt and during the production process the raw materials are inspected and selected, enabling us to deliver the best possible quality. Wood will always be a product from nature with its own characteristics and tolerances. They are not shortcomings and/or defects and under the influence of alternating relative humidity, wood can be affected.


Derako systems are finished as standard with high-quality varnish to protect the wood against moisture, dust and dirt. These are non film-forming varnishes that penetrate deep into the wood. Alongside the standard transparent varnish, there are also a wide range of colours available. The finished wood has a very low emission and is A+ certified.

fire retardation

In order to meet safety regulations, the Derako systems are treated, where necessary, so that they are fire retardant. Therefore the systems comply with the European norm EN13964. The treatment process is performed according to KOMO guidelines and is periodically inspected by the SKH so that the required CE marking can be used.