Derako is constantly working on broadening its sustainability. How can we increase our part in enhancing a more sustainable world. As producer of solid wooden ceiling and wall systems, we are actively working on this. To grow towards a more circular economy we have to use sustainable products which are reusable. In our case, with using solid wood, we are already using the most sustainable building material. 


But how can we expand our sustainability portfolio? To answer this question, together with Wildcap we have started to map out the environmental impact of our products. This is realised by calculating a life Cycle Analysis (LCA’s). A LCA is a way to determine the environmental performance of several products and services. This is aimed at the complete life cycle of a product; from raw material extraction, energy consumption, transport to waste processing. These are in fact the costs that would have to be added to the production costs in order to pay a fair price for the tax on our earth. This way, the total environmental impact of a product or service can be assessed, environmentally critical links can be identified and alternatives can be offered.


The result of the LCA is an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration). An EPD is a document containing information about the environmental impact of a particular building material. This information is presented in a standardized manner to make it easier to compare different materials. The data can be used for a building-level assessment or building evaluation. Certified EPDs are based on LCA and follow ISO 14025 type III protocols. They are valid for use in compliance regulations or for green building schemes (e.g. BREEAM, LEED).


We have been able to add both of these certificates to our certifications. Another step towards building a sustainable future at Derako.