Sustainability will be an important element in the years to come. This is why Derako has started a collaboration with Wildcap to map out the environmental impact of her products. By calculating a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). This gives us a precise vision of where our products stand in terms of durability.


An LCA is a way of determining the environmental performance of products and services, aimed at the complete life cycle of a product; from raw material extraction to waste processing. By doing this, the total environmental impact of a product or service can be assessed, environmentally critical links can be identified and alternatives can be offered. EPDs (Environmental Product Declaration) resulting from the LCA.


At the moment we have not yet included EPDs in the National Environmental Database (NMD). These LCAs/EPDs are partly aimed at the international provision of information.


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pdfEPD certificate Grill

pdfEPD certificate Linear