With a renewed entrance area the central station in Amsterdam also offers two brand new parking areas for bicycles. The first parking facility, with 7,000 parking spaces, at the front of the station opened on Wednesday the 25th of January. The commissioning of the second parking facility, with specially designed solid wood ceilings and walls, will follow in three weeks’ time.


ijboulevard amsterdam plafond

Solid wood – sleek, organic and warm

The second bicycle parking is located at the rear North side of the station, under the new IJboulevard and will provide space for another 4,000 bicycles. The design, with a sleek, organic and warm appearance, was provided by VenhoevenCS, DS Landscape Architects and RoyalHaskoningDHV. Both Derako’s solid wooden ceilings and walls have been used inside this space, which flow smoothly into each other.


ijboulevard amsterdam ingang


Realization and more information

The technical application and assembly was a collaboration between Verwol an Interior Construction company and Derako. For the entire Bike Parking IJboulevard project, 3,700 square meters of solid wood Grill Pro-line ceiling system and 200 square meters of Linear Pro-line wall system have been applied.

The Bike Parking IJboulevard project is referred to in the following article. Here you will find all the details of this beautiful project such as the products, the carefully planned installation and integration of various other components. In addition, all photos of this project can be found on our website under the menu item References.


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