Bike Parking IJboulevard, Amsterdam

Architect: VenhoevenCS


Wood type: European Pine
Dimensions: Grill Pro-line 6 - 55 - 20 - 53 and Linear Pro-line 15 x 92 mm joint 5 mm
Finish: Coloured


The Netherlands is known for its cycling culture, our surrounding water and many water ways. In this unique project all these elements come together. On the IJ side of Amsterdam central station, the busiest infrastructural hub of Amsterdam. With space for more than 4,000 bicycles. A special architectural and construction project, typical for the Netherlands.


Supply by water

VenhoevenCS was commissioned by Van Hattum en Blankevoort to draw up the architectural design of IJboulevard. A project that appealed to the imagination even before delivery. For example, the prefab concrete barges - which were made in the Western Docklands - were placed on a submerged pontoon, transported 15 kilometers across the river IJ and then placed on 72 foundation piles on the north side of Amsterdam Central Station. But other building elements and materials, such as the solid wood systems for the ceilings and walls, were also delivered by water. This unique project is chosen as the winner of the Schreuders Prize 2022.


Application wooden ceilings and walls

In collaboration with Verwol, Derako was able to supply 3,700 square meters of solid wood Grill Pro-line ceiling system and 200 square meters of Linear Pro-line wall system for the new Bike Parking IJboulevard. A masterpiece in which the collaborative qualities, logistical delights and technical expertise of all parties were used optimally.


Everything is rounded in this 'underground' bicycle parking, both horizontally as vertically. That is why Derako International and Verwol started preparations well before delivery, in the spring of 2020. Derako made a technical translation of the design into the solid wooden systems and worked out a detailed installation plan. While Verwol worked out the technical aspects of this huge project down to the smallest details.


Project details
If you would like to read all about the details and subtleties of this wonderful project, the products, the careful assembly and integration of various installations, then read our project article below. A craftsmanship and collaboration that provides the powerful design of VenhoevenCS with metropolitan allure.


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