The current city hall of the city of Roosendaal is located in a beautiful spot next to the green Mariadal and on the edge of the city centre. It functions as a place where the residents of Roosendaal can use the municipal facilities. It is also a central work space for employees of the municipality. The existing building is approximately 40 years old and was very dated. From the outside it was very dark and closed off. On the inside warm, musty and enclosed.


The community council wanted to change this radically and transform the building into an open and accessible city hall. An office where visitors feel welcome and which offers a contemporary and comfortable working environment. A place where daylight enters generously and from the inside there is a wide view and overview of the surroundings.


derako klimaatplafond

It was very important not to break down and adjust everything too radically. The municipality wanted to set an example for circular building. An important step in this process is the preservation of the existing building. During this renovation, the good qualities were cherished and only that which needed to be improved was improved.

For the ceiling they chose the Derako grill ceiling. The use of solid wood fits perfectly with the desired transformation. With this project, Derako has gone one step further in collaboration with all parties.


An important part was the indoor climate. In addition to the grill system, the lighting and an associated climate system have also been drawn out and delivered in the same plan. It was important that all systems fit in well with the solid wooden ceilings for optimal functionality.


The result is impressive, the climate systems and lighting fit seamlessly into our Derako grill ceilings. In the video below, our sales manager for the Dutch market explains how this collaboration came about and shows the end result. The Derako grill ceilings are the ideal combination with climate systems and form a sustainable solution.