Assembly without screw and nails

With all Derako systems the slats or grill panels are fixed onto the carrier system without screw or nails. This is to achieve not only a faster assembly but, also in the future, the elements can be demounted without damaging them. Because the mounting takes place on the back and out of sight, the wood´s appearance stays intact and the slats are always positioned exactly. Also the Derako assembly methods ensure that the applied varnish finishes are not going to be damaged and therefore the wood stays protected against moisture, dust and dirt.

practical and fast assemblyWall system assembly by clicking on the panels

The linear wall system uses anodised aluminium SLR profiles and patented stainless steel clips. In the factory, the lightweight profiles are fitted with clips and therefore once at the building site it is only a question of assembling the profiles and clicking the slats on. Because the system is demountable the panels can, where necessary, simply be removed again, also during the building phase.

Grill system quick to assemble with Derako wall clips

The solid wooden slats are fitted, according to a fixed pattern, onto a specially developed metal suspension system of carriers and clips. At the factory the clips are fitted onto the slats and therefore the assembly can be done quickly and with the correct positioning.

Ceiling systems

The grill wall system is fast and simply assembled with specially designed Derako wall clips that, without drilling, clasp around the grill panel dowels. In this way the panels are well secured.

Complete levering - prefab

When delivering the systems Derako pay attention to the smallest details. For the linear system the fixation pins with which the slats are linked to each other are supplied as standard. Also the carrier connectors, an assembly/disassembly tool and a can of matching varnish are included in the delivery. The systems are always supplied prefabricated and related building systems such as lighting and air-conditioning systems can be directly integrated.

Installation plan

The systems, certainly the more complicated designs, are provided with an installation plan on the basis of architectural information. On this installation plan the positions of all carriers/profiles are shown and specific location indications have been used.  For the grill system all exact panel lengths are calculated and implemented. In that way the assembly is always clear-cut and can take place in the correct order.