Shorter assembly time for wall

The linear wall system use anodised aluminium SLR profiles and patented stainless steel clips. In the factory, all profiles are fitted with clips and therefore at the building site it is only a question of assembling the profiles and clicking the slats on. This makes the assembly unambiguous and it generally proceeds more rapidly than when using conventional nails and screws. Also, without much specific product knowledge, exact positioning of the slats is guaranteed.

cost saving buildingSimple adjustments and disassembly

Not only costs are saved on by a more rapid assembly but the system also makes it possible to remove or swap panels simply. That is why there is always quick access to the underlying walls or installations during the construction phase, or subsequent maintenance work, and no extra costs will be incurred because of damage to the wood or the systems.

Ceiling system – clips fitted in the factory

The linear and grill ceiling are fitted to the original ceiling with a specially developed metal carrier system. The clips of the linear system are fitted to the carriers in the factory so the assembly is fast and can be done systematically. The grill panels are connected directly to the carriers using the supplied clips and in this process installation/building costs can also be reduced.

Complete & prefab delivery

When delivering the systems Derako pay attention to the smallest details. For the linear system the fixing pins with which the slats are linked to each other are supplied as standard. Also the carrier connectors, an assembly/disassembly tool and a can of matching varnish are included in the delivery. The systems always come prefabricated and prepared for rapid assembly. The Derako systems are delivered including a clear installation plan.