If you are looking for a producer and supplier of grill ceilings. Derako International delivers solid wooden grill ceilings in various finishes and types of wood. With the suspended ceiling system finished in wood, you can easily create a warm atmosphere full of character in the room.


Solid wood grill ceilingSolid wood grill ceiling

Derako grill ceilings consist of solid wooden slats fixed to each other with aluminium or flexible dowels. The grill panels are inserted into each other using a half-lap wooden dowel joint, creating a visual surface with no breaks. The grill ceilings have an open character making them ideal for acoustic rooms.


Assembly grill ceilings

For the installation, the exact custom-produced wooden grill panels are suspended from a black T-carrier with specially developed dowel clips and Derako has developed special wooden profiles for the side and spacing finish.


Bespoke grill ceilings

At Derako, we work exclusively on a project basis, where the architect’s design idea is always the guiding principle. Through years of collaboration with architects both nationally and internationally and with our knowledge combined with the types or wood, we can provide sound advice and solutions. Each grill project is performed by Derako staff based on this knowledge and a clear installation plan is drawn up.


More information

Check out at your convenience our page with more information on the grill ceiling system. You can of course also contact us directly, either on telephone number +31 224 59 23 40 or via the contact form on the website. You can also request a sample of a grill ceiling element in the type of wood you would like.


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