Wooden walls give a room a pleasant and warm look. Other benefits of wooden wall coverings are found in an improvement of the indoor climate. Wood has a low conductivity of heat, which results in a room more gradually heating up or cooling down. This also keeps the temperature difference between the wooden walls and the surrounding area limited.


Wooden wall covering of sustainable woodwooden walls

Derako uses wood with a certificate of sustainable forestry management and most of the types of wood used by Derako are available with FSCĀ® or PEFC certificate. Under the menu-item types of wood, you will find a large selection of types of wood. Wooden walls can be designed in for example; ash, cambara, ayous, jatoba and pine wood.


Indoor curved wooden walls

Both the solid wood linear system (installed with SLR profile) and the grill system are suitable for curved or arched applications. These can be applications in which the walls are curved or walls that flow smoothly into the ceilings. In these walls, the creativity of the architect is the guiding principle and Derako can provide technical support if required. Just as in a flat wall application, the unique assembly system for wooden walls comes prefabricated. In the solid wood grill system, flexible dowels are used allowing the panels to be simply curved to the form of the sub-frame and the panels are secured with wall clips.


Wall covering - finish of the wood

In addition to various types of wood in a transparent finish, Derako also has a large range of varnish colours available. All wooden wall coverings are finished as standard with a high-quality non film-forming varnish to protect the wood against moisture, dirt and dust.


More information on wooden wall cladding

On our website you will find more information on the solid wooden wall cladding and coverings under the menu-item products. Derako staff will be delighted to advise you about special applications and the technical details of the wall cladding. If you have any questions or wish to meet a local representative, call us on: +31 224 59 23 40 or fill in the form on the contact page.


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