In many public areas and also office buildings, good acoustics are a key requirement. An acoustic wall can offer a solution here. Derako solid wood wall systems have very good features in the area of acoustics and noise reduction.


Solid wood acoustic wallacoustic wall

A Derako solid wood acoustic wall gives the room in which it is fitted a contemporary and modern look as well as better acoustics. By using wood as the cladding material, you directly bring more warmth into a room.


When using the Derako linear open system as an acoustic wall, the spaces between the wooden slats are provided with acoustic non woven tissue. In this system, the acoustic wall can also be supplied curved, creating organic and very playful designs. With Derako, the design idea of the architect is always the guiding principle. Of course we also offer support with the design process and provide, where required, ideas for the application and designs of the solid wood acoustic wall.


Acoustic wall panels and firet fabric

With the Derako grill system, an acoustic wall can be created, consisting of connected solid wood wall panels. The wooden grill panel has an open structure with the necessary space between the different slats. By fitting special sound-insulating panels on the wall, for the assembly of the panels, of using firet fabric, a wall with particularly good acoustic properties and a pleasant natural character can be created.


Requirements of an acoustic wall

The optimum acoustics for a room depend to a large extent on the use of the room and so for example the requirements for an office differ from those for a theatre or an airport terminal. We would be delighted to provide you with more information on the possibilities of the acoustic wall. On the menu item fire and acoustics, you will find more information on the acoustic properties and the reverberation time. You can of course get in touch with us directly.


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