The Derako Cradle to Cradle wall system consists of solid wooden slats that are fitted to the underlying building structure with a special construction. The linear system uses patented stainless steel clips, on the reverse side of the slats, that provide for an assembly without nails or screws. Because of this the timber remains intact.


Cradle to Cradle performance assessment

During the manufacturing and engineering of the wall system according to the Cradle to Cradle®-principle, not only our present needs are looked at but also the possibilities for future generations. From this perspective improvements are constantly worked on within five quality categories. These improvements are in the field of material health, material recycling, renewable energy and carbon management, water management and social justice. For each category the "Derako Cradle to Cradle wall system" has received an individual performance assessment.


Derako wants to be sure that the wall system and the remaining solid wood products have a lasting positive influence on people's health and on the environment. Socially and environmentally responsible entrepreneurship are very important principles for Derako. The linear economy of, "buying, using and throwing away "is no longer tenable, with the ever more limited resources available. It is necessary to operate more as a circular economy where products and materials can be reused and recycled. Because of its characteristics the use of solid wood suit this philosophy very well!


Sustainable FSC® or PEFC certified timber.

Within the Cradle to Cradle wall system there is a choice of various types of timber, that carry a quality assurance label for sustainable forest management. Therefore most types of timber used by Derako are available with a FSC® or PEFC certificate. Some of these species are; ash, cambara, ayous (abachi), jatoba and pine. Also, the Derako bamboo wall can be supplied with a FSC or PEFC certificate. Under the menu item 'Wood Species' you will find a complete summary of the types of timber for the wall system.


Curved wall system

The solid wood linear system as well as the grill system are suitable for arched or curved implementations. The wall system can then merge smoothly into the ceilings or the walls can contain various organic shapes. For all these versions the creativity of the architect/designer is all important. Just as for the level walls, the mounting system for the wooden curved walls is supplied entirely prefabricated by Derako. For the solid wood grill system flexible dowels are used, through which the panels can easily be shaped to the underlying (concrete) walls.


Wood finish

In addition to the various types of timber with a transparent finish, Derako also has a palette of varnish colours available. Normally all walls are finished with a high quality non-film-forming varnish, to protect the wood against dirt, damp and dust. Depending on the application the wood can also be treated to be fire resistant according to European standards.


Also Cradle to Cradle ceiling systems

In addition, Derako also supplies a Cradle to Cradle certified ceiling system