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Solid wood Linear ceiling system

The Derako Linear ceiling system consists of specially finished wooden parts and a specially designed support system. Thanks to the convenient click system, the wood can be installed quickly and blindly. Allowing you to create a completely unique and even wooden look and sleek ceiling lines. The system is often used as a decorative and acoustic finish. The Linear ceiling system is available in four product lines. Thereby offering solutions from the cost-effective to the most exclusive shapes for your ceiling appearance.

Linear ceiling systems

Horizontal facing wooden slats.

Ceiling linear Pro-line

Linear Pro-line

  • Solid wood; more than 20 types of wood
  • Variable system types (open, closed, multi-panel)
  • Wide range of sizes and finishes
  • Interior & exterior and curved applications
  • Tailor-made solutions, engineering and project support
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Ceiling linear Exclusive-line

Linear Exclusive-line

  • Solid wood: 8 types of wood
  • Exclusive shapes and effects
  • Variable sizes within one system
  • Tailor-made solutions, engineering and project support
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Ceiling linear Base-line

Linear Base-line

  • Solid wood; 2 types of wood
  • Cost effective standardised systems
  • 2 available sizes
  • Applicable indoors and outdoors
  • Economical an quick to produce
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Celing linear Cloak Wood

Lineair - Veneered wood

  • MDF core with natural wood veneer
  • Several sizes
  • Wide range of veneer finishes
  • Cost effective alternative for luxury wood types
  • Tailor-made solutions, engineering and project support
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Discover the different versions of the Linear ceiling

The system offers design and budget flexibility through a wide choice of wood types, system types, sizes and finishes. By combining the various wood types, sizes or unique colour finishes, you will create beautiful variations and an exclusive design. Within the Linear system, three types can be distinguished.


Linear open system


Linear multi-panel system


Linear closed system

Advantages of Derako products


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Curved wood ceiling

Flowing and dynamic wooden ceiling designs give the space an extra dimension. The Derako Linear invisible support system is very well-suited for concave, convex or flowing ceiling finishes. The minimum and maximum radius differs per application and wood type. Our technical department will examine the possibilities and work everything out in an installation plan. As such, all profiles are produced prefab and delivered in the right radii.

Fireproof ceiling system

Fire safety is an important element for all wood applications. This is to a large degree determined by the fire behaviour and fire reaction of the building materials used. Derako ceiling systems must meet the requirements for cladding/finishing materials.


For buildings with strict fire resistance requirements, we treat the wood with fire retardants. With this treatment, our solid wood has a material behaviour fire classification of B-s2,d0 (conform EN 13501-1)) and for various wood types B-s1,d0. Ask our advisors for more information.

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Inspiration for Linear ceilings

Take a look at our references from all over the world and use your own design to bring people closer to nature.