The Derako grill ceiling system has been assessed for fire stability in accordance with the Belgian standard NBN 713-020 whereby it has been officially established that the system meets the fire stability requirement of 30 minutes.


The assessment according to NBN 713-020 is in addition to the general tests and classification that Derako has had performed on various types of wood according to EN 13-501-1 (SBI test). The fire-retardant properties had previously been classified as B-S2-d0 in this. It’s also possible to run the system in the B-S1-d0 classification.


Test performance according to the Belgian standard

The tests according to NBN 713-020 have been carried out by the independent institute WarringtonFireGent (WRFGENT). The tested grill system consisted of solid wood slats, which were mounted on a double bearing structure of primary and secondary carriers.  The standard aluminium dowels (connectors between the slats within the Grill panels) have been replaced with steel dowels in the system. The system is placed in an oven for the test in which the temperature is increased to 600°- 800° degrees where an official fire stability of 30 minutes has been established by WRFGENT.


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