Wooden cladding gives your building natural character. Wood is highly sustainable and as raw material is an extremely eco-friendly choice. Wood is renewable and virtually CO2-neutral. There is no other general building material that is produced with as little energy as wood. Wood constantly reproduces itself and leaves no polluting residue in the environment.


sustainable claddingSustainable cladding in solid wood

The Derako solution for sustainable cladding consists of solid wooden panels and anodised aluminium SLR profiles, complete with notches for the attachment of the Derako patented stainless steel clips. The entire fastening of the extremely durable double facade is located on the back. No screws or nails are used in the assembly and as a result, the appearance of the wood remains intact for a long time. This prevents damage to the wood and corrosion marks.


Wood from sustainably managed forests

Most of the wood used by Derako comes from forests that are sustainably managed. In the cladding, Derako uses types of wood that are FSC® and PEFC-certified. FSC means sustainable forest management when, in a balanced manner, consideration is given to the environmental, social and economic aspects involved in forest management. FSC is supported by all major environmental and development organisations. More information on this certification can be found on our website under the menu item certification.


Sustainable cladding and finish

The Derako façade system is not only very durable due to the raw material wood used; it is also extremely durable in its use. The materials and construction are very resistant to extreme weather and the fastening of the wooden slats to the clips has undergone extensive testing and has a very high break-out force. In addition, the wooden slats are finished with sustainable water-based varnishes. The non film-forming varnish penetrates deep into the wood and in addition to a standard transparent varnish, there is also a large range of varnish colours available. The finish adds a nice touch to the wood with the natural tones and structures in the wood being maintained.


More information

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