Facade renovation with a modern solid wooden double skin façade. Facade renovation has never been as easy or beautiful. In most situations, when the Derako system is used, the existing facade is not changed. The old, possibly damaged facade can, provided it is smooth and strong enough, be used directly for the assembly of the double skin façade.


Facade renovation with a solid wood double skin facade

The Derako solid wood ventilated double skin façade consists of solid wooden panels and anodised aluminium SLR profiles that are equipped based on the specific project with slots for the fastening of a patented stainless steel clip.


The entire fastening is on the rear. The appearance remains intact for a long time and there are no screws or nails used to fasten the wooden slats. This prevents corrosion marks and any damage to the wood. The ventilated facade system can be used both horizontally and vertically in façade renovation. In addition, the façade can be equipped with a membrane fabric to protect it or create the desired colour scheme.


Facade renovation done promptlyfacade renovation - solid wood double skin

Thanks to the assembly without any screws or nails, the system can be fitted quickly and with minimal expertise. The assembly is clear-cut, with the SLR profiles first being fitted at a fixed distance on the façade. After this, the slats are easily clicked with the pre-assembled slats directly into the profiles. The process is much faster than façade renovation with conventional fitting techniques and in addition prevents any imperfections in the assembly due to placing screws or nails incorrectly.


Finishing system for facade renovation

The standard available types of wood like: AccoyaWestern Red Cedar, Thermalwood Fraké and Bamboo X-Treme are finished by Derako with high quality varnishes that are excellently suited to exterior applications. There is also a wide range of colours available. It is of course also possible to use the facade wood untreated.


Weather-resistant ventilated double skin facade

The whole construction of the ventilated double skin façade is very resistant to extreme weather. The fastening of the solid wood slats to the clips has undergone extensive testing and has a very high break-out force. The distance between the SLR profiles is set based on the type of wood chosen, wind conditions, type of terrain and building height. The fastening required on the facade to be renovated is also determined on the basis of this data.


Advice on facade renovation

At Derako, we have a lot of experience with facade renovation. We would be delighted to advise you on the options and choices of wood to be used with a double skin facade. Call Derako or get in contact with us via the contact form on the website.


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