If you are looking for exterior timber cladding, which gives your property a unique and warm look, then the Derako solid wood ventilated façade is the solution. The continuous gaps between the solid timber slats constantly ventilate the facade and the timber slats provide primary protection for the façade behind. A membrane fabric may be fitted behind the Derako timber cladding cladding to protect the façade even more or create the desired colour scheme.


Ventilated cladding for renovationDerako exterior timber cladding

The exterior timber cladding by Derako is ideal for renovation projects. In the renovation, the façade behind can be preserved and you can easily give your property an entirely new, luxurious look with a Derako double facade. For the horizontally fitted façade system, the anodised aluminium SLR profiles have a maximum length of 5.8 m, are easy to align and greatly reduce the assembly time on the construction site. In renovation and also in new construction projects, the assembly is clear-cut and very little specific knowledge is needed to fit the system in a professional manner.


Open construction

The Derako timber cladding is an open construction in which the different elements are designed in such a way that no precipitation or condensation can build up. This open construction thus contributes to long life for the wood.


Curved ventilated timber cladding

It is also possible to use the ventilated cladding in curved form. The Derako fixing system is shaped with a radius from 0.75 m with the bend facing either inwards or outwards. In determining the radius, the dimensions of the timber must be taken into consideration. The smaller the radius, the smaller the possible usable wood size.


More information on cladding

The cladding is described in more detail on our website under the menu-item products, façade system and the Derako brochure also has more information on the ventilated cladding. If you have any more questions or would like advice, we would be glad to talk to you – +31 224 59 23 40 or leave your details on the form in “Contact”.


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