Wood has a limited environmental impact

Wood is a natural product, very durable and lasts for years. Industrial wood processing has a very limited environmental impact and wood itself stores CO2. This helps of course to deliver environmentally friendly, healthy and responsible products. But Derako does more ...

cradle to cradle logo colorCradle to Cradle®

Derako constructs and works according to the Cradle to Cradle® principle that not only looks at our present needs but also at the possibilities for future generations. Within the five Cradle to Cradle defined quality categories, we are constantly working on improvements.

A+ certified

Derako wants to be sure that all products have a lasting positive influence on human health and the environment. A lot of thought is given to the system- and finishing materials. For example the Derako varnish finish is environmentally friendly and the Derako solid wood system has a very low emission and A+ certified.

fscFSC® and PEFC certified types of wood

In addition to investment in the field of materials and production processes, Derako also invests in various certificates and eco- labels. In this way we meet the criteria set by the government on sustainable purchasing. Derako is FSC® and PEFC certified and delivers systems on request, and where possible we deliver sustainable and certified types of wood. The advisors at Derako will be delighted to let you know about all the options.


Derako also has a number of system designs that can make a substantial contribution in obtaining credits from BREEAM and LEED. Derako's advisors will be delighted to inform you further.