Royal Vezet new office building, Warmenhuizen

Architect: BBHD architects


Wood type: African Ayous
Dimensions: Lineair Pro-line ceiling and wall 15 x 63 mm - joint 12 mm.
Finish: Transparent


Royal Vezet is European market leader when it comes to vegetables, fruit, salads and refrigerated meals. This company is a valuable asset to the region when it comes to employment and works close together with a lot of local agricultural businesses.


To this day, the growth of this company is still ongoing. That is why a new office building was necessary to house its growth. The design of the building was made by BBHD architects from Alkmaar. The building entails 3 stories and has a large atrium in the middle which is enclosed by office spaces all around. The building has a ground surface of 3500 m2. The architecture was inspired by the former sauerkraut factory which once stood here.


A remarkable part of the interior is the application of the atmospherically enhancing solid wooden wall- and ceiling application. They chose the C2C certified Derako linear Pro-line system. The high ceilings which run from the ground floor all the way up to the ceiling are made from solid wooden African Ayous. This is a very stable and light type of wood. The fresh white wash colour gives the room a natural and fresh appearance. Especially combined with all the green elements in the central hallway. The mere 600 m2 of wall and ceiling application has been applied in the most professional manner by the installation company Verwol. The measurements of the wooden slats are 15 x 63 mm with a spacing of 12 mm. This give a nice wooden slim line effect.


The building has a very nice open character with a lot of natural elements. The building has an open and welcoming atmosphere and forms a remarkable building for Vezet as well as its surroundings. The entrance forms a light and green welcome. The green wall and same type of cladding, boosts the natural outdoor surroundings. From here you can admire the open structure and the atrium in the middle of the building. The light that comes in is beautiful through the use of high glass outdoor walls which give an even more spacious feel and lets the outdoors in. This is reflected beautifully by the solid wooden walls which continue into the same solid wooden ceilings.