Kenwick Park

Franklin Ellis Architects


Wood type: African Ayous
Dimensions: Linear open Pro-line 15 x 92 mm – joint 19 mm
Finish: Transparent


The Kenwick Park resort is situated on a vast estate in Lincolnshire, England. The original mansion is a historic building dating back to 1797. Through the centuries, the estate served various functions. Since several years, this estate is open for visitors to enjoy by booking a stay at holiday resort Kenwick Park.


The resort also offers a wellness spa with pool. When the old swimming pool burned down and had to be rebuilt, fire safety was of the highest priority. They opted for a solid wood star-shaped ceiling with various corners and triangular windows. This design contributes to a warm, characteristic, and majestic appearance. The wooden parts were subjected to fire-retarding treatment and therefore conform to the European Standard EN 13501-1.


In collaboration with our English sales partner, a 620 m2 linear ceiling in wood type African Ayous and dimensions 15 x 92 mm with a joint of 19 mm was installed. This dimensioning, combined with the warm and light wood type, offer the space a peaceful, atmospheric appearance. It fits perfectly in the intended design for the spa area of this resort.


Given the exceptional shape of the ceiling, detail work in the installation was essential. This was made possible in part by the exceptionally professional work of the contractor, Elmsmere Engineering. The result is stunning. The ceiling forms a beautiful spectacle of various lines. It plays with the daylight the falls into the space, which forms another unique spectacle that combines to make the swimming pool look absolutely gorgeous.