Holiday park Qurios, Zandvoort

Architect: 2by4-Architects


Wood type: Ayous
Dimensions: Grill Pro-line 3 – 100 - 20 - 95
Finish: Transparent and multi-coloured (light blue, dark blue and red)


In the Dutch coastal village of Zandvoort, a new holiday park has arisen. At this beautiful location nature, adventure and relaxation come together as one with the beach and the boulevard being at your doorstep at a mere 100 meters away. Guest have the ultimate recipe at hand to enjoy their holiday at its best.


The park, consisting of 100 cottages and 2 pavilions, blends in perfectly with the dunes where the sand comes up to the cottages doorsteps. At arrival the guests are welcomed by the main entrance pavilion. The imposing overhanging façade with its open beam structure welcomes you in.


From the main entrance reception area inside, you can walk down towards the central area of the pavilion which is the meeting and activity hub of the park. Here you will find the restaurant and the animation area for kids.


To continue the warm and inviting atmosphere from the outside inwards, two solid wooden grill Pro-line ceilings were chosen for the two different sections of the pavilion. Both of them in a very unique implementation, fitting the purpose of the room with a total surface of 366 m2.


For the restaurant the wood type that was chosen is African Ayous with a transparent finish. This type of wood has a very calming appearance, which fits in well with the wooden canopy of the adjacent terrace. The dimensions of the solid wooden slats are 20 mm in thickness, 95 mm in height and with a spacing of 100 mm between the slats. This height gives the room an extra dimension next to the added acoustic properties of the room.


The animation room for the children has a different ceiling colour wise. The wood type and dimensions are the same as in the restaurant. By choosing three different colours, a more playful approach was chosen, perfect for a play room. The solid wooden slats were produced by us in three different colours and installed in set patterns. Creating a lively, fun and joyful ambiance. Also fully colour coordinated with the furniture of this room, making this room a comfortable place to play.