Chirec – Delta Hospital, Brussel

Assar Architects

Wood specie: Pine
Dimension: Grill system fire-stable model 4 - 80 - 20 - 68
Finsih: Colour


This project in the Deltasite Oudergem in Brussels is a classical and balanced architectural composition. The Assar architectural firm created an energy-efficient building with a surface area of 104,000m2, where the architecture is entirely in line with the optimal functioning of a hospital. Everything in the new hospital was not built according to the medical offerings, but rather with a focus on the patient. The very rational structure of the building also ensures great flexibility in the longer term. The walking routes of the visitors are clearly separated from the routes for the medical and logistical staff, and are organised in such a way that visitors and staff can easily find their way. A perfect integration of the hospital in the city was also very important. That’s why a design plan was developed for the entire site, taking into account how the city will look in the future.


The Derako Grill ceiling and wall system was installed in various areas of the hospital in collaboration with our Belgian sales partner in order to create a natural and calming atmosphere.
Solid wood is a special material and has enormous added value in public buildings. In addition to its form, power, flexibility and warmth, wood provides a natural, distinctive appearance but also more experience and less stress. The material calms people in their environment and in the healthcare industry, it even indirectly contributes to recovery.