Big Green Egg, De Lier

Paul de Vroom en Sputnik

Wood specie: African Ayous
Dimensions: Linear open system 15x63 mm – joint 12 mm
Finish: Transparent


For the high-end Big Green Egg Europe office building, Team Paul de Vroom + Sputnik created an overall design in which the architectural design, the interior design and the furniture designs form one whole. The building has a robust exterior and a light and tasteful interior with a view of a nearby patio. The high-quality materials and finishes underscore the level of quality and appearance of the Big Green Egg brand. The building is sustainable in the broadest sense of the world. It generates its own energy, is ‘gas-less’ and green. Thanks to the timeless design, flexible layout and use of honest materials, the building also has a sustainable aesthetic.


With the core values of the company in mind, a design was created with a pure main form, natural spatiality and distinctive use of materials. The design and layout of each room inside is attuned to the specific use. The Derako solid wood linear ceiling system was installed in many of the rooms, which provides a lot of warmth but also improves the acoustics in the spaces. In total, the installer Ceil Con placed 500 m2 of solid wood linear ceiling system in the Ayous wood type. Multiple studies have already written a great deal about ‘healthy’ buildings that increase productivity. This includes creating cleaner air with good ventilation, and the right building materials such as solid wood which leads to lower VOC emissions. However, wood can also make a building ‘healthier’ with its appearance in the finish. For instance, it has been proven that the visible presence of wood lowers stress and improves concentration, increasing work performance and lowering absence due to illness.