Airport Charles De Gaulle, Paris

Architect: ADP Group


Wood type: African Ayous
Dimension: Grill Pro-line 7 - 37 - 19,8 - 42
Finish: Coloured and transparent


Charles de Gaulle airport is one of the world’s largest airports in terms of traffic. Next to being the largest airport in France. To maintain its quality, the airport has invested a substantial amount in renovation and re-building terminals in the last decade. This has taken place in stages and is still an ongoing process.

In collaboration with our sales partner Hunter Douglas France, Derako has produced and delivered more than 10.000 m2 of Grill Pro-line solid wooden ceilings in several different finishing’s.

Recently halls L and K have been finalised. The architects for this project had the main goal in mind which was making these hallways and terminals futureproof and befitting of the modern needs of passengers and shoppers. The focus was to enhance the hospitality of this airport.

As in hall L terminal 2E. these hallways used to be very dark an stuffy. Seeing that the shops in this hallway are of a very high standard, the look and appeal of this hall needed to match accordingly. Looking at the ceilings, this goal was met by using wood which forms a comfortable atmosphere as well as look and feel.

The Derako solid wooden ceiling was chosen in the Grill Pro-Line system for both walls and ceilings. The wooden slats have a dimension of 19,8 mm in thickness and 42 mm in height with a spacing set of 37 mm. The chosen wood type is Ayous finished with a white wash with gloss finish. This wood type is very light in weight, an economical choice and with a very consistent look which forms a nice and smooth finish.

The transformation of these halls is highly noticeable. From dark steel to white solid wooden grill ceilings. The acoustics of this space were enhanced greatly by the use of this solid wood in combination with the grill system. The technical installations in the plenum above the grill ceilings needed to stay easily accessible, thinking of all safety rules and regulations. This meant that 2.500 m2 of special hatches were made and integrated into the solid wooden ceilings. These were especially designed and drawn out beforehand.

Due to Derako's industrial production process, the entire project was delivered and installed with constant production output and quality within a timespan of one year. Derako is also able to reserve the wood to be able to guarantee deliveries for such large scale productions.

This hallway has been completely transformed from a dark and stuffy place to a light and comfortable place due to the Grill Pro-line ceiling, which fits in perfectly with the high end shops. Louis Vuitton has even opened its first shop at this airport. This is a direct result of the success and quality which were made possible by the architects. A beautiful result which makes everybody proud.


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