Façade system - your ideal home

Building your own home is something very special. -. Your own place, warmth, identity recognition and above all privacy are the essential qualities of a home. But which materials are you going to use? Because of the natural and characteristic properties of wood you can create not only a a very stylish, environment friendly and sustainable cladding for your home with the Derako façade system but also, because of the invisible attachment system, your own unique appearance. In addition wood can be combined with other materials.


Project solutions for villas

Derako works per project and does not have any standard products in stock. For various clients we have provided a custom-made façade system to the wishes of the architect and / or the owner of the villa. The Derako advisers are only too pleased to assist you with the engineering and implementation of your project.


Types of wood and other materials

To increase the line of sustainable materials Derako has entered into a number of strategic partnerships with acknowledged suppliers of materials. Derako supplies amongst others: Foreco NobelWood and WaxedWood, Accoya, Moso Bamboo, Zwarthout, Thermowood Fraké. These technologically high quality materials can be very easily combined with the Derako façade system and they all have their own unique product characteristics.


ForecoMoso bambooAccoyaZwarthoutThermowood Fraké