Become acquinted with the Derako® facade system

The Derako solid wood façade system

The Derako façade system consists of wooden slats that are fitted invisibly by means of the unique Derako fixing system. Project based black anodised aluminium profiles are cut out to measure, for fixing the patented stainless steel clips. The entire attachment process takes place on the reverse side of the wood. You have a lot of freedom of design for your façade because of the large choice of materials, sizes, finishes and the profile directions.

Invisible attachment

Invisible attachment of the slats by means of patented clips

  • Open
  • Ventilated
  • Maintenance free
  • Practical assembly

Why the Derako wooden façade system?

  • Very sustainable, the materials as well the product and system. Cradle to Cradle certified and does not need any technical maintenance.
  • High quality appearance that leads to an increased value of the object.
  • Invisible attachment of the wood without any screws or nails and avoids damage to paint and over the long term corrosion stripes.
  • Flexibility in materials and design.
  • Project support. At Derako all projects are in consultation pre-engineered, and we offer technical support and/or solutions when necessary.
  • Simple and fast assembly. (2 to 5 times faster because of the fixing system) Alignment of the profiles is simple.
  • Also very suitable for prefab building because of modular delivery.
  • Integral system guarantee.

Read more about the applications

Because of a wide palette of materials, possibilities and solutions the Derako façade system is very suitable for creating fitting architectural solutions for new developments but certainly also for renovations and transformations. By using wood an existing building can be attractively and aesthetically upgraded.