Expressive ceilings.


Grill Exclusive-line

Special ceiling shapes and effects? Grill Exclusive-line makes it possible. Design a unique, stylish and exclusive ceiling with this special system that combines tailor-made grill panels with the Derako suspension system. We can produce special designs by employing special production techniques or product modifications. The possibilities also include fan grill panels and varying sizes of wood. The Grill Exclusive-line unites creativity, design and workmanship.






Exclusive panel system

The Grill Exclusive-line gives you maximum design freedom. Just like the other grill ceiling systems, this system combines wooden ceiling panels with the Derako suspension system. The panels consist of solid wood slats which are attached to each other using aluminium dowels. You choose the size of the wood and the spacing; we produce the panel with the right appearance. On the basis of the architectural design, all panel lengths are specified and made to measure.


A unique feature of the Grill Exclusive-line is that three special versions are available thanks to modifications to the product or our production process.


cnc panel

CNC machined panels

Using CNC production techniques allows us to create special shapes with solid wood. The CNC panels give ceilings extra plasticity.


varying height width panel

Variation in sizes

Your creativity is our starting point. By varying the heights, widths, joint distances and types of wood within one grill panel, you can create special patterns. A 'random' arrangement of the wooden parts creates natural and playful effects.


fan panel

Fan panels and wood notches

Grill fan panels offer practical solutions for lively and flowing ceilings. Grill fan panels allow you to easily create cylindrical ceilings or curves. But you can also create organic and playful designs. Extra notches in the wooden parts can result in intriguing lines or swirling shapes.


Derako suspension system

The Derako standard suspension system is a black Cross-Lock system with special black dowel clips. These clips ensure an invisible, dimensionally stable and sturdy connection between the Cross-Lock profile and the grill panel. The system is also suitable for installation in staggered patterns and in curved or arched shapes. Special suspension systems are available for swimming pools and extremely humid spaces.


For the Grill Exclusive-line, it may be necessary to use a different composition of the suspension system. Our technical depart will check and advise on the implementation of the suspension system beforehand. Additional installation instructions may be required for specific projects. We provide these.




Grill Exclusive-line is a suspended ceiling system. Our advisors are happy to show you various solutions. We will discuss the possibilities for your project together. Grill Exclusive-line is also suitable for walls. This allows you to unify the design of the ceiling and the wall.


Wood and finish

A limited range of wood types is available for the Grill Exclusive-line. We examine per application whether your requirements are in line with the possibilities offered by the wood. Derako only uses top quality solid wood. During the production process, our people select the best wood parts.

african ayous
european pine
European Pine
siberian larch
Siberian Larch
european oak
European Oak
western red cedar
Western Red Cedar
american red oak
American Red Oak
american white oak
American White Oak
yellow pine
Yellow Pine



The solid wood grill panels are as standard provided with a high-quality lacquer finish that protects the wood. This non-film-forming finish prevents wood damage caused by moisture, dust and dirt. The finish penetrates deep into the wood, but the natural properties and structures are maintained. The lacquer system structure is tailored to the application. In addition to the standard transparent finish, a large number of colours are also available. Our machines can produce any desired colour.


Get creative with colours

Would you like to do something special with colours? Multiple tones in a ceiling, striking colours or expressive contrasts with the neutral wood? Ask our advisors about the possibilities and create your own style and unique appearance.

pdfProduct leaflet Colour Wash – SOHO – Metallic Wood




grill akoestiek grafiekAcoustics are very important for the way people perceive a space. A space with good acoustic balance improves health, productivity, concentration, learning performance, communication and safety.

Due to its shape, processing and the natural properties of wood, Grill Pro-line is sound-absorbing. Extra attenuation can be achieved by placing a sound-absorbing (sheet) material behind the systems. This extra attenuation creates a pleasant atmosphere, also in buildings where many people congregate at the same time.


Acoustic non woven tissue - made to measure

You can optionally order acoustic non woven tissue separately. Black is the standard colour. The non woven tissue fabric is delivered including an excess length of 50 mm on both sides. During the installation at the construction site, the acoustic non tissue can be attached to the back of the panels.


Eco Silent Panel - Designed Specifically for the Grill System

Panels specially developed for the Derako Grill system. The acoustic panels are made of polyester wool. 60% of the wool fibers are sourced from recycled PET bottles. Additionally, polyester wool does not contain unwanted chemical binders or toxic substances that can cause allergic reactions or skin irritations.


eco silent



  • Acoustically strong sound-absorbing material.
  • Highly dimensionally stable and elastic.
  • The number of panels is precisely tailored to your Grill project.
  • Dimensions match the size of the Derako Grill support system.
  • Quick installation with no cutting waste. Can be installed directly and easily cut to size if needed.
  • Sustainable product.
  • Fire-resistant, fire class B-s1, d0.
  • Available in white and black.


eco silent2


Technical Properties:

  • Sound-absorbing according to EN ISO 11654.
  • Fire-safe (according to EN 13501-1-2002 certificate).
  • Non-irritating to the skin and eyes (Reports 10061 and 10062).


Sound Absorption:

  • According to EN/ISO 11654.
  • D20/50:
  • αw = 0.70
  • NRC = 0.75
  • Class C.


Fire Classification:

  • According to EN 13501-1:2002. According to DIN 4102 Class B1.
  • Fire Class B (no flame spread, very limited contribution, and very difficult to ignite), smoke rating s1, and droplet rating d0.


Download the Eco Silent Panel brochure for more specifications.



Duurzaam hout 

Circular and responsible product

Building with solid wood is very ecologically responsible. The material has minimal impact on the environment, is fully biodegradable and renewable. Wood is virtually 100% CO2 neutral and has a permanent positive impact on the health of humans, the environment and the surroundings. All Derako systems are fully demountable. At the end of their lifespan, the materials are separated. The mono-components and natural raw materials that remain can be reused in the circular economy.


Cradle to Cradle

Derako designs, builds and works according to the Cradle to Cradle® principle. We want to take care of future generations. Each material must be fully reusable, without losing value. We have had our processes certified. There are five levels of certification: Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Derako is C2C Silver certified.


FSC, PEFC, A+, ISO certification

Derako invests in sustainable business practices. We use wood types with FSC® or PEFC certificates. We evaluate finishing materials on their ecological footprint and have VOC A+ certification. In addition, we embrace the quality and environmental management systems ISO9001 and ISO14001.



Derako ceiling systems contribute to obtaining credits within the BREEAM and LEED evaluation and certification systems. Ask our product advisors for more information.


Derako systems are sustainable, offer creative freedom and guarantee aesthetic wood solutions. For more information and details about all certifications, please see our menu item C2C and certification.


cradle to cradle fsc pefc a plus