massief hout

Solid wood is one of the most special raw materials that nature has to offer and has been a source of inspiration for art and architecture for thousands of years. With an increasing focus on a bio-based economy, wood is now more sought after than ever. Encouraged by government policy, we are gradually distancing ourselves from a linear economy and moving to a circular economy. This transition has even further enhanced the popularity of solid wood among architects and is giving the use of wood in buildings a huge boost.

But, there is more than just these recent, albeit very relevant, developments. A unique relationship between man and wood has existed for thousands of years. The recent developments and the existing relationship have inspired Derako to write a White paper. The white paper, published on the Stedebouw & Architectuur (townplanning and architecture) website, describes the unique relationship between mankind and solid wood and has the title 'The love between mankind and solid wood'. In the document, you will find a lot of information regarding the properties of solid wood, and it also provides the necessary information on the unique, sustainable features of wood. Via the following link you can download the whitepaper from our website.