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A new cooperation recently set up has led to a new product on the façade market. We are talking about the DERAKO MOSO façade system; an innovative and environmentally sound façade solution, combining the unique DERAKO system with the highly durable MOSO Bamboo X-treme product.


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Bamboo façade system - the best of both worlds

derako moso lamellenUsing Moso Bamboo X-treme within the DERAKO façade system means you can now use bamboo without (pre) drilling, screwing or nailing. The fastening is completely invisible and the bamboo slats are 100% detachable after assembly and can be refitted on the system without damaging it. The system is ideal for prefab delivery and contributes to the “legolisation” of construction.

In addition, the system, with its MOSO Bamboo X-treme slats, and their unique material properties, contributes to society’s desire to create more sustainable buildings.

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