In the 54th edition of the international architectural magazine A10 Derako solid wood ceiling systems are mentioned in two articles. erasmus paviljoenBoth articles describe buildings on the campus of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.


Wooden ceiling in the shape of a ‘hat’

The article about the Erasmus pavilion, which is designed by Powerhouse Company and De Zwarte Hond architects, describes the unique design of the wooden ceiling in the building. In the article the ceiling is called the wooden ‘hat’. Inside this wood-finished construction is a theatre, which can accommodate 400 standing individuals. The ‘hat’ is also the building’s eye-catcher in the evenings. The walls behind the wooden panelling are painted red and can be illuminated which creates an impressive warm atmosphere.




Curved wooden ceiling

The curves of the panel system is equal to the curve of the sun and through the asymmetric suspension - especially designed for this project - they fit seamlessly in the design.


Old wooden ceilings have been replaced

The second article is about the Erasmus C - building on the same campus. This building was refurbished under the direction of architect Gerard Frishert . Particularly striking are the new ceilings of solid red oak, which replaced the original ceilings made of merbau wood. The old ceiling had a dark brown finish while the new ceiling has been given a clear lacquer finish. With this the ceiling provides the building with a new light and warm appearance.


Article A10 architectural magazine