soho color wash leafletDerako has introduced the new Coulour Wash wood finishes with which you can give the interior of a building a special touch. The varnishes ensure a colourful and sparkling look so that the natural aspects of the Derako solid wood stay visible.


Exciting SOHO colours and sparkling Metallic Wood

This new series of varnish finishes, to be used in combination with the Derako solid wooden ceiling and wall systems, is divided into two colour lines with the names SOHO and Metallic Wood. The SOHO colour line means exciting colours, whilst with a Metallic Wood finish you can create wooden ceilings and walls that have a sparkling metal effect.



For colour accents or inspiring wooden ceilings and walls

Colour Wash can be applied for a uniform colourful finish on solid wooden ceilings and walls. But the varnishes can also be applied to create slats that bring, in the correctly chosen places, exciting accents to a structure. You can decide on the design and on the combination of varnishes to be used. All SOHO colours are also available in Aluminium finishes. These produce an even more colourful and sparkling result.


Types of wood with a lively wood structure

The Colour Wash varnishes are normally used on solid wooden American ash panels . This type of wood has a naturally exciting wood structure, that stays very visible with a Colour Wash finish. If desired, the wood can be treated according to EU fire classification B, s2, d0 (EN 13-501-1), to be fire retardant. The Derako advisors will be happy to advise you further about the possibilities and colours.


Download the product leaflet colour wash – SOHO – Metallic Wood