grill base line


Where Derako previously specialised in the supply of custom and project-based Grill systems only, the manufacturer and supplier of solid wood systems has now developed a new product line; the Derako Grill Base-line. A standardised and cost-effective solution that allows the unique properties of solid wood to be applied to even more structure designs.


System build-up and advantages

With the Grill Base-line system, you can choose from fifteen standard sizes and four types of wood. Due to the standardisation, our system is exceedingly cost-effective, and we are generally able to produce materials quickly. Orders are placed per panel, with you specifying the exact numbers and selecting the desired panel length and fitting, to create a wall or ceiling with a special, yet natural, look.


As with all Derako systems, the Grill Base-line system is C2C Silver certified and manufactured using 100% solid wood. Solid wood is not only very environmentally friendly, CO2 neutral and recyclable, it also offers a lot of added value on many different fronts. The material has a natural look and feel, with a calming effect, and combines well with a variety of other materials. A better experience is also created by its great acoustic properties. All these properties can positively affect health, communication, safety, productivity and learning achievements.


Characteristics and performance

The standard finish of the Grill Base-line is transparent, to protect the wood. As an option, the wood can be finished in a colour of choice or with a fire-retardant treatment (EN13964). With an additional tail strip on the panel, you can create hidden panels for, for example, island applications.


Characteristics of the Grill Base-line system:

  • Available in fifteen set grill measurements and four types of wood.
  • Design your own ceiling/wall, using three standard panel lengths and various options.
  • Easy to install and deinstall for maintenance.
  • Great acoustic value.
  • Integral warranty on wood, support system, finish and fire retardation.
  • Compatible with lighting, HVAC, fire prevention and security equipment.
  • Very cost-effective, without technical project support.
  • Simple ordering process and quick delivery.


Derako product lines

The Derako range of 8 product lines offers many ways to apply solid wood in your project. Standard and cost-effective solutions, but perfect-fit custom-made ceilings and walls can also be manufactured to your project specifications, a wide selection of wood types and measurements, or very special curved shapes. Soon, all exact information about these product lines will be available to you on the new and improved Derako website.


More about the Grill Base-line

Take a look at the brochure below for more information about the Grill-Base-line. Ask our Derako advisors about the possibilities and the price list. They will be happy to assist you.


grill base line